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Neighbourhood Watch

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Neighbourhood Watch schemes can play an important part in creating safer communities by reducing crime and the fear of crime.

Creating Safer Communities

Hampshire Constabulary is committed to supporting the development of schemes throughout Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, and particularly in areas with identified crime problems. Hampshire Constabulary's objectives in supporting and assisting Neighbourhood Watch schemes are:

  • Enhanced community spirit and closer liaison between police and public.
  • Heightened public awareness of the need for security.
  • Reduction in crime opportunities.
  • Reduction in the fear of crime.  

The Sombornes area enjoys a spectacularly low crime rate primarily through the work of the Sombornes Neighbourhood Watch in conjuction with Hampshire Constabularly.

Aims - Neighbourhood Watch

The main aims of Neighbourhood Watch schemes are:

  • For residents to reduce opportunities for crime and make it more difficult for the would-be thief, vandal or criminal to act in their neighbourhood.
  • To build a community spirit so that neighbours can work together for everybody's benefit.
  • To pass on information to the police about any suspicious incidents occurring in the neighbourhood
  • keeping residents informed of potential threats, and trends as well as tips provided to us by Hampshire Constabulary and our local police team based in Stockbridge.

Our parish is divided into a number of areas each with a local co-ordinator liaising closely with their neighbours to keep them updated as well as encouraging the reporting to the police of any unusual activity.  Please report any suspicious activity to the police by calling them on 101. (999 for emergencies)  


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