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Neighbourhood Watch

King's Sombonre Outbuilding Bulglary

Outbuilding Burglary

0000-0015 Hours Sunday 3rd March 2019

There has an Outbuilding Burglary in Kings Somborne area overnight between 0000-0015 hours Sunday 3rd March 2019. 2 suspects were seen with their faces covered breaking into buildings. Did you see anything? Please call 101 and quote 44190075419 if you saw these suspects.

A similar incident took place in the early hours of that morning in East Wellow (44190075393).

Advice on outbuildings:
Many people take a great deal of trouble securing their home and property while at the same time leaving valuable garden tools and cycles in a shed that is either unlocked or not maintained.

Garden crime is now becoming more and more common. Tools such as lawn mowers, strimmers, hedge cutters, power tools and bikes are expensive items to replace and may incur the victim extra insurance premiums. This can also be an open invitation for thieves to use garden implements to break into their house or car.

The following section provides prevention and reduction tactics in relation to shed security.

Insecure Sheds

High burglary rates from sheds indicate that they are not only easy to break into but there is a large market for the stolen contents. With this in mind, consider if the property kept inside would be better stored elsewhere.

Place all tools and garden equipment in locked sheds and garages.
Secure more expensive items, e.g. mowers, bikes to an anchor point within the shed or garage.
Mark all items with postcode and record serial numbers. e.g. UV pens or forensic marking kits. Register the details for free on
Take photographs of items such as statues and garden furniture if they are unusual, for easy identification at a later date.
Fit a shed alarm.
Keep the structure in good repair.
Consider covering windows with curtains to obscure the view of the contents.
Consider external lighting.
Ensure the garden fences are in good repair between neighbours to prevent unlawful access.
Ensure side gates are locked to prevent access to the rear of the property.
PC 3672 Tristan Pugh - Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team

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