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Neighbourhood Watch

School Work Experience with the Police


School placements to experience policing are now open to applicants.

We   are currently offering work experience placements to school pupils in Year 10   and Year 11. These placements are limited but offer the opportunity to those   who want to develop a career in policing or learn more about policing in   general.
  If you know a child in years 10 or 11 that may be looking for a work   experience placement, let them know about this opportunity and tell them   that they will need to fill out an application form in their own words   and submit it to us. If they're successful they’ll be invited to attend an   interview either in person or over the phone.
  We recommend that they research Hampshire Constabulary to help them   prepare for the interview.
  An application form has been attached to this e-mail, the application can   also be found on our force website at;
  Due to places being limited we highly recommend applications being returned   as soon as possible.
  If you would like further information about work experience, please email
  Thank you for your attention, and good luck to the applicants.
  We hope to see you here soon.
  PCSO 16461 TODD
  Test Valley Police






HC_Work_Experience_Application.pdf - 120.2 KB



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