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Neighbourhood Watch

Door Sellers/Nottingham Knockers

A group of door to door sellers (also known as Nottingham Knockers!) are moving around Test Valley Villages and were in King's Somborne today (5th March).

Please be vigilant and call us should you become anxious about such callers or you see them in your neighbourhood.  We recommend that you read the following advice so that you are prepared to deal with a caller should they call on you!  These callers tend to be selling cleaning materials and are usually male, from the north of England and carry large black holdalls.

  • Always use the door chain when answering the door, if you are not sure do not open the door.

  • Always check the credentials of unknown callers. Do not phone the number on the ID card, use a phone book or a bill.

  • Never buy from cold-calling doorstep traders or engage with cold callers on the phone.

  • Do not keep substantial sums of money in the home.

  • Always keep front and back doors locked.

  • LOCK STOP CHAIN and CHECK - if unsure do not open the door.

  • Consider joining or setting up a No Cold Calling Zone or Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

  • Report any suspicious callers or activity to the police immediately.

  • Keep an eye on elderly or vulnerable neighbours, friends and family.

  • Call 101 to advise of any unexpected callers - this gives Police a better chance at building a picture of where potential criminals are operating.

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