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Neighbourhood Watch

Cold Weather Approaching

Dear   customer


We're   dedicated to keeping our customers safe and warm all year round. However,   cold temperatures and unpredictable winter weather can sometimes cause   problems with your gas pipes. Here’s our advice for if your boiler has   stopped working and how to keep warm in winter.
  Has your boiler stopped   working?

  • Call  a Gas Safe registered engineer for further assistance on 0800 408  5500. 

  • Alternatively, contact your gas supplier if you have home care cover.

  • Has  your boiler's condensate pipe frozen? Cold weather can freeze the condensate pipe, which is the external pipe that takes condensation from your boiler to your drain outside. If you suspect your boiler isn’t        working because your condensate pipe has frozen, here’s some top tips from British Gas on how to safely thaw your pipe:


1.   Hold a hot water bottle, or heat wrap, around the pipe.

2.   Pour hot, not boiling, water over the frozen end of the pipe with a watering   can or kettle

3. If   you think the pipe is unfrozen, try switching the boiler on again. You might   need to reset it. 

4. If   your boiler fires up, it’s fixed. If it doesn’t, then pour hot water on the pipe   again.

  Stay  warm and well

Here   are a few simple ideas to keep your heating costs down and help you stay   healthy during the winter months:

  • Wear warm clothes in layers

  • Turn radiators off in unused rooms and close internal doors to keep the heat in

  • Think about installing thermostatic valves on radiators in rooms you use the most

  • Moving furniture away from radiators allows heat to circulate better

  • Closing your curtains keeps the heat in and draughts out

  • Ask about any benefits or grants you might be entitled to such as winter fuel payments and insulation costs

  • Have a hot drink regularly and have a flask handy if you find moving about difficult. Eat small amounts regularly throughout the day

  • Keep a list of useful/emergency contacts and local organisations which support people like you by your phone

  • Keep torches, a battery-powered radio and spare batteries where they’re easy to find in the dark in case of power cuts


Have  you registered for the Priority Service Register? If there is a supply   interruption and you’re a listed Priority Service Register (PSR) customer   we’ll provide you with temporary heating and cooking appliances within four   hours to make sure you stay warm and can have a hot meal.


Call our   Customer Careline on 0800 975 1818 to speak to us about your supplier’s   Priority Services Register or find more information about the PSR here:


Kind  regards


Deborah   Cane

Customer  Experience Manager


Message   Sent By
  Deborah Cane (SGN, Incident Support, National)

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