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Neighbourhood Watch

Bank Card Scam Alert - Op Signature

Police want to make residents aware of a recent Scam in the Test Valley area.

A resident has reported to police that a telephone caller claiming to be from LLoyds Bank has said they need to exchange her bank card. A person then came to the resident's home address, gave them a replacement card and took their existing bank card having asked for the PIN number. The Victim consequently lost a considerable sum of money from their account.

Fraudsters can appear legitimate and act with confidence, however no bank would ever act this way. If it sounds wrong, then assume it is and hang up. Report the matter to your bank and Action Fraud 

If you want to know more, attached is a detailed booklet of Scams common in the UK
(The Little Book of Big Scams v.3)

Did you know?

- 1 in 5 people fall victim to scams every year

- Nearly 50% of all adults have been targeted by a scam

Technology is enabling fraudsters to carry out attacks quicker and employ more complex behaviours to remain undetected.

What kinds of scams are there?

Common fraud types are:

- Mail scams: con artists use fake lotteries and prize draws, get-rich-quick schemes, bogus health cures and pyramid selling to get money from their victims

- Investment scams: the victim is offered investment opportunities in land, fine wines, gems, share sales or carbon credits which have little or no value

- Romance scams: the scammer meets someone on a dating site and gains their trust. They tell their victim they need money for a family emergency or flights over to see them

- Courier Fraud: fraudsters call and trick the victim into handing cards and PIN numbers to a courier on their doorstep or making them think they are helping in a police investigation by getting them to withdraw large amounts of cash

- Fraud recovery scam: when fraudsters approach the victim again under a different guise, such as Trading Standards or Court officials, demanding money up front in order to finance court action to recoup some of the losses from the original crime.

There are many more types of fraud. Please see the Action Fraud website for more details.

APS 3672 Tristan Pugh

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