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Neighbourhood Watch

Seasonal Awareness


It’s not worth the risk – don’t drink or drug drive

Hampshire Police will again be out and about this Christmas conducting operations to prevent the destruction and distress caused by motorists who drive after drinking or taking drugs.  Motorists breaking the law can face a criminal conviction, a prison sentence, driving ban, and the loss of their job, and remember that the way alcohol affects you varies depending on your personal characteristics. The morning after is also a crucial time – just because you haven’t had a drink for a few hours doesn’t mean you are safe to drive and under the legal limit.  Members of the public are encouraged to report drink or drug drivers by calling 999 if the person is an immediate risk there and then, otherwise please call 101 with the details of the last seen location of the vehicle, make, colour and registration, if known. Alternatively, people can contact Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or text 80999.

Nottingham Knockers

There have been several recent reports of rogue trader activity in the area.  Please warn your neighbours, particularly elderly or vulnerable neighbours, not to open the door to strangers or buy or sell on the doorstep. Some doorstep callers may offer poor quality goods at inflated prices and if a caller is not genuine, they may be gathering information for future crime.

Please keep in mind that if cold callers don’t get any sales in your area, they are less likely to return.  It is recommended that you do not enter into a conversation or engage with them at all as they can be very pushy.  If you do talk to them they are supposed to be able to provide a valid pedlar’s certificate which are only issued to individuals under strict conditions (they are known to produce fake or handwritten hawker’s identification cards) and should leave your property when asked.  Do report any incidents by contacting the police on 101 and let your local Neighbourhood Watch representative know as soon as possible.

If you’re not sure, don’t open the door!

Wishing you a happy Christmas and a safe and peaceful New Year.  Many of us will be with family and friends at Christmas but please spare a thought for those who are not so fortunate and find this time of year particularly lonely, perhaps a neighbour who would really appreciate a quick visit.

Neighbourhood Watch

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