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The Gauntlet

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The Gauntlet is the community magazine for The Sombornes and Ashley.  It has developed out of the Church Parish Magazine and now includes items on many village activities.  It is delivered free to every house in the parishes of King's Somborne, Little Somborne and Ashley.  It is published eleven times a year-there is no separate edition for January.

The Village Correspondent and correspondents from the various village organisations submit reports and notices of future events.  An editorial team assembles these items and lays out the magazine.  A team of printers operate our printing machine.  A team drawn from a large squad collate, fold and staple the 790 copies each month.  Another large team then delivers the magazine in their particular neighbourhoods.  It is estimated that more than 100 villagers contribute in some way to the production and distribution of the magazine in the course of a year.  All are unpaid volunteers.



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