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Village Hall Management Committee

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The AGM of the Village Hall Management Committee will be held in the Village Hall

on Wednesday 24th June 2021 at 8:00 pm

All are welcome




The Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) is responsible for the day to day running of the King’s Somborne Village Hall. Members of the VHMC are the Trustees responsible to the Charity Commission for the conduct of the charity. The VHMC comprises representatives of village organisations who use the hall, and hence have an interest in the running of the hall and the facilities provided. The VHMC has an elected chairman, secretary and treasurer and up to four additional members can be co-opted.  

It is important that all village organisations have a say in the running of the Village Hall and if your organisation is not represented, please contact one of the officers under the tab “Contacts” above. 

The VHMC meets approximately monthly to consider all aspects of the running of the hall.  Any member of the public with an interest in the hall may attend meetings as an observer. The Hall may be hired by any individual or organisation for any of a wide variety of activities. The Hall currently includes a main hall with stage facilities, a separate committee room, and a pavilion changing area for users of the sports field. A fully equipped kitchen is available, primarily by people hiring the main hall, but also available for hirers of the committee room provided there is no conflict. 

Hirers should, in the first instance contact the booking secretary for advice and to pass on their requirements and suggestions, but they may also contact one of the officers or even attend meetings if desired.

The Village Hall website can be found at  



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