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Sombornes Online Website

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The website was originally created to promote the campaign to bring high speed internet access to the village. That campaign was successful but the site had begun to be noticed so we continued to develop it as a means of communiction in the community.

The site has now been updated to provide a more interactive service. The general principal being that all local organisations can have a presence on the site which allows them to add their own content. Pages, diary events, organisation contacts can all be added without waiting for somebody else to upload the information. We have written our own tools to make it as easy as possible to add content for your organisation.

Whenever an organisation adds a page to the website, we automatically add a link on the home page and, if you register on the site, you can also set email alerts to notify you of any new pages that are added.

This is very much community web site and relies entirely on local organisations keeping their pages up to date. We have lots of room for many more local organisations to have a presence on the site so please get in touch if you would like to add your organisation.



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