King's Somborne Village Hall
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Forthcoming Events

Many events are held in the Village Hall. For further details, contact the organisation below.

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  Test Valley Art Show -- Online 1-30 October
  Somborne Society - Civil War in the Meon Valley Wednesday November 25th - 8 pm
  Somborne Sessions - Megson Saturday 15th May 2021

Test Valley Art Show -- Online

  Date and Time: 1-30 October  
  Description: This year, we are unable to hold our Art Show at the Village Hall because of coronavirus. Accordingly, we are holding an on-line sale. Although it appears to be an auction it is not. All the pictures except one can be bought immediately.  

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flyers/Art Show 2020 2.jpg  
  How to Attend: Log on to the jumblebee website below to see all items that are for sale. There are instructions on the website as to how to make purchase.  
  Organised by: Village Hall Fundraising Committee  
  Your Contact: Hugh Dumas  
  Phone Number: 01794 388275  


Somborne Society - Civil War in the Meon Valley

  Date and Time: Wednesday November 25th - 8 pm  
  Description: Prof. Duncan Colin-Jones. The Civil War in the Meon Valley.  

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  How to Attend: Talks start at 8pm. Because of the virus restrictions we may need to restrict attendance, or to present the talk using Zoom. More details later.  
  Organised by: Somborne Society  
  Your Contact: Linda Aucock  
  Phone Number: 01794 388542  
  Web: page 15  


Somborne Sessions - Megson

  Date and Time: Saturday 15th May 2021  
  Description: Due to the health crisis we have now rescheduled the Megson gig originally planned for Saturday 16th May 2020. The gig will now be part of our next season, and the new date is Saturday 15th May 2021.  

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  How to Attend: If you have purchased tickets for the original date, you don't need to do anything - your tickets will automatically be valid for the rescheduled date. Stay safe, everyone.  
  Organised by: Somborne Sessions  
  Your Contact:  
  Phone Number: