King's Somborne Village Hall
Charity Number 1180268



 The King’s Somborne Village Hall, Charity Number 1180268, is governed by a constitution, agreed at the 2018 AGM and to be found here: Constitution

Where the Governing Document does not provide guidance on a particular issue, documentation from the Charity Commission needs to be consulted. Documentation can be found by following this link: Charity_requirements_guidance. You can find html (web page) links to the documents, or download .pdf versions of the files.

All trustees should be aware of the above documents. In particular, read the Charity Commission documents “ CC3 – The Essential Trustee – What you need to know ”, and “ CC10 – Hallmarks of an effective Charity”.

King's Somborne Village Hall was registered with the Charity Commission as Charity Number 1180268 on 11 October 2018 (see confirmation). Prior to that, the registration number was 301866.

The Charity Commission’s public details about the King’s Somborne Village Hall can be found by going to the Charity Commission’s home page at and search the register of charities for 1180268.

Village Hall Documentation:

The following documentation has been collated for reference by all trustees:

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Documents General Description
  AGM Minutes Tick archive above to see back to 2006  
  Management Committee (VHMC) Minutes Tick archive above to see back to 2006  
  Development Committee (VHDC) Minutes  
  Fundraising Committee (VHFC) Minutes  
  Accounts Tick archive above to see back to 2002  
  Business Plans  
  Forms Forms used to progress booking, invoicing and licencing  
  Instructions Instructions for the use of equipment in the hall  
  Notices Notices placed around the Village Hall  
  Health & Safety H&S and Fire inspections  
  Discussion Documents CCTV, Preschool, Trustees, TV, Rates  
  Licences Licences applying to the Hall  
  Historic Documents Former Governing Document. Hall opening 1975  



AGM Minutes

  Title Document 1 Document 2 Approved Date Status
AGM 2020 Meeting on Wednesday 12th August 2020 at 8pm via Zoom
AGM 12/8/2020 Minutes VHMC_AGM__12.8.20_pdf2.pdf
Papers presented for the AGM
Agenda AGM_agenda_12_Aug_2020.pdf
Chairman's Report Village_Hall_Chairman...pdf
Treasurer's Report Village_Hall_Treasure...pdf
Accounts - Annual Statement KSVH_Accounts_2019-20...pdf
Independent Examiner's report KSVH_Independent_Exam...pdf
Development Committee Report Village_Hall_Developm...pdf
Fund Raising Report Village_Hall_Fundrais...pdf
New Community Hall Lands in Village New_community_hall_la...pdf
AGM 2019 AGM 11/6/2019 Minutes KSVH_AGM_11_Jun_2019.pdf
The following papers were presented at the 2019 AGM
AGM 2019 Agenda AGM_agenda_VHMC_11.06...pdf
Chairman's Report VH_Chair_2019_report.pdf
Treasurers Report, Annual Statement KSVH_Accounts_2018-20...pdf
Independent Examiner's report KSVH_Independent_Exam...pdf
Development Committee Report Development_Committee...pdf
Fund Raising Report VH_AGM_Fundraising_Re...pdf
Preschool Sketches Architecture_2.jpg Pencil_1_with_text.JPG
The following papers are included as an addendum to the above
Treasurer's Report - Accounts KSVH_Treasurers_Repor...pdf
Preschool Block Plan AJ-01-KS15_P01_Block_...pdf
Preschool Proposal AJ-01-KS16_P01_Propos...pdf AJ-01-KS17_P01_Propos...pdf
AGM 2018 AGM 14/06/2018 Minutes AGM_20180614.pdf
11 Jun 2019 Approved
The following papers were presented at the 2018 AGM:
AGM 14/06/2018 Agenda AGM_20180614_Agenda.pdf
Chairman's Report Village_Hall_Chairman...pdf
Development Committee Report Kings_Somborne_Villag...pdf
Fund Raising Report Fund_Raising_report_2...pdf
Business Plan Business_plan_Version...pdf
Constitution Constitution_(02892955).pdf
Trustee's Annual Report (TAR) TAR_31.3.18_Final.pdf
Independent Examiner's Report (IER) 2017-2018_IER.pdf
Accounts KSVH_Accounts_2017-20...pdf
AGM 2017 AGM 31/05/2017 AGM_20170531_Draft.pdf
14 Jun 2018 Approved
AGM 31/05/2017 Annex AGM_20170531_Annex.pdf
AGM 2016 AGM 12/06/2016 AGM_20160612.docx
30 May 2017 Approved
AGM 2015 AGM 04/06/2015 AGM_20150604.pdf
12 Jul 2016 Approved
AGM 2014 AGM 06/05/2014 AGM_20140506.doc
4 Jun 2015 Approved
AGM 2013 AGM 23/04/2013 AGM_20130423.doc
6 May 2014 Approved
AGM 2012 AGM 03/05/2012 AGM_20120503.doc
23 Apr 2013 Approved


Management Committee (VHMC) Minutes

  Title Document 1 Document 2 Status
Extraordinary meeting 17 March 2020 VHMC_Extraordinary_me...pdf
VHMC 13 Feb 2020 VHMC_minutes_13.2.20_...pdf
VHMC 9 Jan 2020 KSVH_Committee_meetin...pdf
VHMC 5 December 2019 KSVH_Committee_meetin...pdf
VHMC 7 Nov 2019 KSVH_Committee_meetin...pdf
VHMC 3 Oct 2019 KSVH_Committee_meetin...pdf
VHMC 1 Aug 2019 VHMC_minutes_1_Augus...docx
VHMC 4 July 2019 VHMC_Minutes_4_July_...docx
VHMC 6 June 2019 VHMC_meeting_6_June_...docx
VHMC 2/5/2019 VHMC_20190502.pdf ConditionsOfHire.pdf
Minutes Approved
VHMC 7/3/2019 VHMC_20190307.pdf
VHMC 7/2/2019 VHMC_20190207.pdf
VHMC 3/1/2019 VHMC_20190103.pdf
VHMC 20/11/2018 VHMC_20181120.pdf
VHMC 20/11/2018 Extra files Case_Sheet_Master_Re...xlsx Case_Sheet.docx
Supporting Files
VHMC 17/10/2018 VHMC_20181017.pdf
VHMC 20/09/2018 VHMC_20180920.docx Update_on_position_w...docx
VHMC 12/07/2018 VHMC_20180712.pdf
VHMC 14/06/2018 Extraordinary VHMC_20180614_extraor...pdf
Extraordinary meetin
VHMC 16/05/2018 VHMC_20180516.pdf
VHMC 19/04/2018 VHMC_20180419.docx


Development Committee (VHDC) Minutes

  Title Document 1 Document 2
VHDC 14/03/2018 VHDC_20180314.docx
VHDC 13/02/2018 VHDC_20180213.docx
VHDC 06/09/2017 VHDC_20170906.docx
VHDC 03/04/2017 VHDC_20170403.docx


Fundraising Committee (VHFC) Minutes

  Title Document 1 Document 2
VHFC 18 Feb 2019 VHFC_20190218.pdf
VHFC 7 Jan 2019 VHFC_20190107.docx
VHFC 29 Oct 2018 VHFC_20181029.docx
VHFC 10 Sep 18 VHFC_20180910.pdf
VHFC 13/06/2018 VHFC_20180613.doc
VHFC 21/02/2018 VHFC_20180221.doc
VHFC 18/01/2018 VHFC_20180118.doc



  Title Document 1 Document 2
2017-2018 2017-18 Accounts KSVH_final_accounts_2...pdf
2016-2017 2016-17 Accounts and IER KSVH_Accounts_IER_201...pdf
2016-17 TAR KSVH_TAR_2016-2017.pdf
2015-2016 2015-16 Accounts KSVH_Accounts_2015-2016.pdf
2014-2015 2014-15 Accounts KSVH_Accounts_2014-2015.pdf
2013-2014 2013-14 Accounts KSVH_Accounts_2013-2014.jpg KSVH_Accounts_2013-2014.pdf



  Title Document 1 Document 2 Approved Date
Privacy notice Privacy_Notice.pdf
27 May 2018
Health and safety Policy Health_and_Safety_Po...docx
15 Jun 2018
Conflict of Interest and Loyalty Conflicts_of_interest...doc
20 Apr 2017
CCTV Code of Practice Code_of_Practice_KSVH...doc
12 Mar 2017
Complaints Policy & Procedure VH_ComplaintsProcedure.pdf
21 Feb 2017
Adult and Child Protection Policy VH_AdultChildProtecti...doc
22 Oct 2013
Investment Policy investment_policy0909.doc
12 Oct 2009
Environmental Policy VH_EnvironmentalPolicy.doc
17 Jun 2009
Equality Policy VH_EqualityPolicy.doc
17 Jun 2009
Reserves Policy VH_ReservesPolicy.doc
6 Jan 2009
VHDC Financial Regulations VH_FinancialRegulations.doc
27 May 2008


Business Plans

  Title Document 1 Document 2
Preschool - Evidence of need 9_Evidence_of_Need.pdf
Preschool - Evidence of support 8_Evidence_of_Support.pdf
Village Hall Business Plan June 2018 Business_Plan_V5_22Ju...pdf
Pre School Business Plan Nov 2017 PreSchool_Business_Pl...pdf



Forms primarily used to progress booking, invoicing and licencing of the Village Hall

  Title Document 1 Document 2 Approved Date Status Author
Case sheet - decisions by trustees - proforma Case_Sheet.docx Case_Sheet_Master_Re...xlsx
20 Nov 2018 Approved Sarah Pennington
Trustee Declaration Form Trustee_Declaration_F...pdf Trustee_Declaration_...docx
12 Mar 2017 Approved
Complaints Form KSVH_Complaints_Form.pdf KSVH_Complaints_Form.docx
20 Feb 2017 Approved
Long Term Key Control Long_Term_Key_Control...pdf Long_Term_Key_Contro...docx
20 Feb 2017 OK
Booking request form BookingRequestForm_(6).pdf BookingRequestForm_(6).doc
7 Aug 2020 OK
Invoice InvoiceProforma.pdf InvoiceProforma.doc
1 Jul 2012 OK
Application to sell alcohol ApplicationToSellAlco...pdf ApplicationToSellAlco...doc
1 Jul 2012 OK
Authority to sell alcohol LetterOfAuthority.pdf LetterOfAuthority.doc
1 Jul 2012 OK
Check List VillageHallCheckList.pdf VillageHallCheckList.doc
1 May 2012 OK
Quick Key Form Quick_Key_Form.pdf Quick_Key_Form.doc
21 Sep 2011 OK
Feedback Form Feedback_Form.doc



Instructions for the use of equipment in the hall

  Title Document 1 Document 2 Approved Date Status Author
Door Opening Instructions Door_Instructions.pdf Door_Instructions.docx
Hatch Screen Sign Hatch_screen_sign.pdf Hatch_screen_sign.docx
J Ingleson
Hall Sound System KS_Village_Hall_Soun...docx
1 May 2017 N Denison
Welcome Booklet V_H_Welcome_letter_vs...pdf V_H_Welcome_letter_v...docx
1 Jan 2017 OK
VH Inventory V_H_Inventory.docx
28 Jul 2015
Using Dishwasher Using_Dishwasher.docx
1 Apr 2015 OK
Hall Lights and Sound System Hall_Lights_and_Soun...docx
9 Jun 2009 OK
Instruction Booklet Instruction_Booklet.doc
3 Dec 2009
Cooker Cooker_Controls.jpg
23 Oct 2009 OK
Breakage Book Cover Breakage_Book_Cover.doc
23 Oct 2009 OK
Dishwasher Dishwasher.doc
24 Jun 2009
Microwave H&S Microwave_H_and_S.doc
9 Jun 2009 OK



Notices placed around the Village Hall

  Title Document 1 Document 2 Approved Date Status
VH Plan with Fire Extinguishers VH_Plan_fire_extingui...pdf VH_Plan_fire_extingui...doc
24 Jun 2017 OK
Hall Heater Revised Instructions Heater_Control.docx
31 Mar 2017 Proposed
Contact Details Contact_Details.docx
20 Feb 2017 Check Key
Hiring Rates Rates_2016.pdf Rates_2016.doc
1 Aug 2016
VH Plan - General Village_Hall_Plan_2016.jpg Village_Hall_Plan_2016.doc
23 Jun 2016 OK
Booking Secretary Booking_Secretary.doc
13 Nov 2015 Check Key
Conditions of hire ConditionsOfHireJune2...pdf ConditionsOfHireJune...docx
1 Jun 2019 OK
Hall Address Hall_Location.doc
9 Jun 2009 OK
Sanitary Disposal Sanitary_Disposal.doc
9 Jun 2009 OK
In Case of Fire IN_CASE_OF_FIRE.doc
23 Feb 2008 OK
Hall Heater Full Instructions Heater_Instructions.docx
8 Jul 1905 ?


Health & Safety

The hall commits to regular checks for Health and Safety including checks for Fire Risks.
These inspections are performed professionally at approx 10 year intervals, and internally at least annually.
The following records and notices have been collated.

  Title Document 1 Document 2
Risk Assessment (Covid) KSVH_COVID-19_Risk_As...pdf
Site Plan Site Plan showing Fire Extinguishers etc. VH_Plan_Fire_Extingui...pdf
H and S H&S Assessment 2017 Health_and_Safety_2017.docx
H&S Assessment 2009 H_and_S_Assessment_6_...doc
Fire Risk Fire Risk 2017 - Internal Fire_Risk_Assessment...docx
Fire Risk 2016 - Overview FireRisk2016-Overview.pdf
Fire Risk 2016 - Checklist FireRisk2016-checklist.pdf
Fire Risk 2016 - Detail FireRisk2016-Detail.pdf
Fire Assessment 2008 FireRiskAssessment2-F...pdf
Fire Assessment 2007 FireRiskAssessment1-J...pdf
Contractors Permit To Work Proforma PermitToWork.docx
Information for Contractors Contractors_Informat...docx
Asbestos Asbestos 2007 FireRisk2007-asbestos.pdf
Asbestos Locations 2017 VH_Plan_-_Asbestos_2017.doc
Action if Fire Action in the event of fire Action_in_the_event_...docx


Discussion Documents

  Title Document 1 Document 2 Approved Date Author
Trustees Requirements for trustees Trustee_Requirements.docx
3 Mar 2017 I Bradley
Organisations represented in VHMC Organisations.docx
28 Feb 2017 I Bradley
Television Television - Hall TV Setup TV.docx
23 Mar 2017 I Bradley
Television - Powerpoint Presentation Powerpoint_Village_H...pptx KSVHSlideShow.pptx
21 Jun 2016 I Bradley
Preschool Preschool - Proposed Front Elevation Kings_Somborne_Hall_A...pdf
1 May 2017 HB Design
Preschool - Objection 17_01674_FULLS-REEVE-...pdf
12 Nov 2016
Preschool - Proposed Floor Plan Kings_Somborne_Hall_A...pdf
1 May 2017 HB Design
The Preschool and the Village Hall The_preschool_and_the...pdf
31 Dec 2016 J Davies
Preschool - Site Wide Kings_Somborne_Hall_A...pdf
1 May 2017 HB Design
Preschool - CAC Response CAC_response_to_Jhn_...docx
28 Nov 2016 T Mackintosh
CCTV Report on CCTV Codes of Practice CCTV_and_Codes_of_pr...docx
1 Mar 2017 I Bradley
CCTV Installation VH_CCTV.docx
12 Nov 2016 I Bradley



  Title Document 1 Document 2
Rates Rates of Hire letter Jan 2016 Rates_of_Hire_Letter...docx
Rates Report 2011 VHMC_20110203_RatesRe...doc
Impact Report 2009-10 RatesOfHireSummary200...doc
Working Party Report 2009 RatesWorkingPartyRepo...doc
Working Party Report 2010 RatesWorkingPartyRepo...doc



  Title Document 1 Document 2
Premises Licence KSVH_Premises_Licence.pdf
Confirmation from TVBC Test_Valley_letter.pdf


Historic Documents

  Title Document 1 Document 2
Governing Document 1955 - scanned Conveyance.pdf
Governing Document 1955 - retyped VH_Constitution_Refor...pdf
Governing Document 1955 - Summary VH_Constitution_Summary.pdf
Opening the hall 1975 KSVH_1975.pdf
Quote for building "new" hall 1972 Village_Hall_Quote_1972.pdf



  Title Document 1 Document 2
Renewal Document 2017 Insurance_Renewal_Feb...pdf
Policy Document Charity_Policy_Wording.PDF
Village Hall Liability Village_Hall_Liability.pdf