King's Somborne Village Hall
Charity Number 301866

Trustees and Associates

The Governing Document allows for sixteen members, including three officers and 13 other members from village organisations, as well as four co-opted members.

The following are trustees of the King’s Somborne Village Hall:

  Trustee Name Office Representing

1 John Vanderpump Chairman  
2 Michael Templeman Treasurer  
3 Janet Ingleson Secretary Women's Institute

4 Katie Grant   Preschool
5 Katie Hughes   Mother & Toddlers/Parish Council
6 Pollyann. Monk   Horticultural Society
7 Chris Kirby   Cricket Club
8 Peter Grace   Somborne Players
9 John Ingleson Health & safety Somborne and District Society
10 Linda Aucock Invoice Clerk Parish Church PCC
11 Andrew Chadwick   Somborne School Association
12 Sarah Pennington Booking Secretary Sisterhood WI
13 Sue Jackson   Badminton

1 Ian Bradley Website Coordinator  

  Lucy Wolverson Independent Examiner  

The above trustees have been appointed in accordance of clause 3 of the constitution:
  3. The general management and control of the Trust Property and the arrangements for its use shall be vested in a Committee of Management (hereinafter called “the Committee”) consisting of not more than Sixteen Members (exclusive of members co-opted under the power hereinafter contained) of whom three shall be elected at the first general meeting referred to in clause 4 hereof in the first instance and on each subsequent election of members at the Annual General Meeting. The thirteen organisations mentioned in the second column of the Second Schedule hereto shall each have the right to appoint one member of the Committee both in the first instance and on occasion of each annual appointment of members. The persons whose names appear in the first column of the Second Schedule hereto have been appointed by the organisations mentioned opposite their representative names in the second column of that Schedule and shall together with the members elected at the First General Meeting as aforesaid be the first members of the Committee. Until the first General Meeting has been held the persons named in the first column of the Second Schedule have power to act. In addition to the members of the Committee appointed and elected as above the Committee shall have the power to co-opt not more than four members to represent interests in the said Parish not represented by an organisation.
The organisations in the second schedule have changed over time. New organisations have been introduced in accordance with clause 8, which reads:
8. If any organisation entitled to appoint a member of the Committee ceases to exist or fails to make an appointment in manner aforesaid before the Annual General Meeting in any year the Annual General Meeting shall decide in what way if at all the vacancy shall be filled.
In each case, a new village organisation having similar aims to those in the initial second schedule has been invited to appoint a member to the committee.