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June report

On 12th June members of King's Somborne WI enjoyed an entertaining talk entitled Am I descendent of John Ruskin?

Our speaker, Jennifer Wineberg had begun researching her family tree and found an intriguing link to the famous poet.

Ruskin was a regular visitor to Wallington Hall in Northumberland, now managed by the National Trust.  Jennifer's family had been employed across the estate from the 1800's.  Murals painted in the Pre-raphaelite style line the walls of the entrance hall to the main house. The faces of the characters in the paintings are modelled on residents of the estate in the 1860's.  One of the paintings features a small girl aged about 8 with her school book and pet dog.  The girl proved to be our speaker's great great grandmother. 

Although the evidence was not sufficient to categorically support the claim, it is entirely possible that the girl's father was Ruskin.  Jennifer's lively and entertaining talk left us wondering if further research could settle the argument.  Linda thanked Jennifer for a very interesting and thought provoking talk.

Since our last meeting, members had enjoyed participating in the Test Valley WI group quiz, together with an excellent visit to learn more about the work of local charity, Boaz.


Our next meeting is Wednesday 10th July when Ken Fowler will tell us about his race to Scotland in a boat no larger than a bath!


Sarah Pennington


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