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Parish Church

Prayers for 19th May

                 PRAYER LIST for the week beginning 19th May.


Pentecost and we give thanks for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Here is a prayer we may like to use this week. “O Holy Spirit, wind of God, gift of the Father, flame of love, create in our hearts a place where Christ may dwell.”

Please pray that God the Holy Spirit will breathe His power into all the activities in our Church and into all that we, together and individually, seek to do in His Name. Pray for the gifts of the Spirit, especially His love, joy and peace, to dwell richly in us and to empower our service here in this place.

Please continue to pray for the work of Christian Aid. Pray that their annual appeal will yield a rich harvest and enable their projects to thrive. Pray for all who work for the good of others in difficult and sometimes dangerous places. Pray for our fellow Christians who face daily challenges of which we know almost nothing. Pray for our partnership with South Rwenzori, that their urgent needs will be met.

Please pray for those in special need at this time. Pray for the sick and for those who are caring for them. Pray for our medical services and give doctors and nurses everywhere a renewed sense of their call to a ministry of healing. Pray especially for the Bacon family and for successful surgery for their son. Pray for Dulcie Witts and her family as they cope with her health issues. Pray for any others known to you.

Please pray for all facing challenges and watershed moments in their lives. Pray for the joyful new beginnings of the marriages celebrated amongst us recently and seek God’s blessing on those special relationships. Pray for youngsters facing examinations and major decisions about their futures. Pray for those seeking employment and new directions. Pray that they will seek for the hand of God in their lives and find His love for them.

Pleas pray for the will to use the gifts given to us by Our Lord and the wisdom to cherish the gifts of others. Pray for a renewed sense of unity and purpose as we endeavour to live the gospel of Christ.

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