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April report

Sarah opened the meeting by welcoming us all and introduced our speaker, Jill Perryman.

Jill had been left some money and bought a camper van and decided to visit all fifty seven of the Anglican Cathedrals in England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Mann - a remarkable undertaking. Jill initially amused us by recounting some of the difficulties she had encountered when she started her travels in her new vehicle and then got down to describing her many visits.

At each destination she told us of some of the quirky and unusual features that had caught her attention. These were very diverse from paintings, unusual or spectacular stained glass, architectural features or something of particular historical interest.

In nearly every location Jill drew attention to the cathedra (bishops throne). These were very varied and dated from the Middle Ages to spectacular modern works of art.

One cathedral at Oban remains unfinished and the interior is still supported by girders.

She had found Coventry especially moving with its message of reconciliation. Here there is both the bombed ruins of the old building and the new and very modern cathedral adorned with spectacular modern statues and tapestries.

At Gloucester she drew our attention to a statue in memory of one of the workman who had fallen to his death during the  construction. At this time it  was very unusual to have a memorial of this kind.

Jill concluded by telling us that she had no plans for another undertaking of this kind. Jill was thanked by Frances for a really entertaining presentation.

After tea the business of the meeting was covered including the arrangements for the tea on the following Sunday for the Veteran Car Rally drivers.

Sarah closed the meeting by reminding us of members A.G.M. next month.

Eileen Reynolds


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