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The Sombornes Pre-school

Progress Towards a Pre-School

The drive to establish a Pre-school in Kings Somborne continues apace.  Thank you to the large numbers of parents with very young children who have replied positively to our survey and we are encouraged that so many would send their children to a Pre-school in the village.


It has been a busy and exciting time for the Pre-school committee members. A comprehensive business plan has been drawn up, several grant applications have been submitted and are awaiting confirmation, whilst charity status for the Pre-school is also being sought. The committee aims to begin advertising for Pre-school staff during February, with interviews being held soon afterwards. Another fundamental step will be to obtain OFSTED approval and this process has been started. Other tasks being undertaken include the design of a logo for the Pre-school, research into facilities required both inside and outside, and much more.  


The idea of a Pre-school in Kings Somborne has received endorsement from the Parish Council, as well as significant support from the Head Teacher and Board of Governors of the Primary School in the village, who see the establishment of a Pre-school affiliated to the school as beneficial to both the school and community alike. It would be advantageous to have a linked Pre-school feeding directly into the Primary school, potentially boosting intake numbers and therefore the funding which relies on pupil numbers. This would hopefully encourage the continued growth and success of the Kings Somborne CE Primary School. Continuity of specific learning practices, such as THRASS (the reading and writing methodology the school uses) would undoubtedly prove beneficial to the children, thus providing the best educational start for them. Most importantly, those children currently unable to access Pre-schools outside the village for logistical reasons would no longer miss out.


The committee has been very pleased with the level of interest shown by people in the village and surrounding areas to this project. Any extra volunteers out there willing to assist in any way with the numerous tasks involved in our endeavour would be made very welcome! It is a great opportunity to promote the reputation of Kings Somborne and encourage an enhanced sense of community whilst providing a well-deserved facility for local parents and children.  


The Sombornes Pre-School Committee


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