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October report

At our October meeting members were encouraged to start planning for Christmas when Debbie Towlson returned to give her cookery demonstration showing easy ways to make canapés.

Debbie first gave us a short history of her career telling us how, after training as a chef, she worked in corporate dining and then moved into teaching and lecturing, before starting her own business catering, teaching and demonstrating.

Debbie is an entertaining speaker and a great multi-tasker so whilst  demonstrating how to make cheese soufflé tartlets  and  biscotti biscuits with different toppings, she also gave us many other useful hints, such as – how to store your canapés - the ideal size (no bigger than a 50p) and how many to provide at a drinks party – 12 per person !!.

The evening ended with us all enjoying a welcome drink and sampling the delicious canapés that Debbie had brought for us to try.

Our next meeting will be on 8th November, when local resident Samantha Boot will give a talk entitled “Garlic Lane”.  Recently Sam had an exhibition of her work at Ashley.  All visitors welcome.

Nola Mackintosh


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