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Parish Church

Prayers for 7th August 22

PRAYER LIST for week beginning 7th August

This week we read of some of the giants of faith, both inspiring and a little daunting! These two thoughts may be of help in our prayers; “Prayer is not an art to be mastered but a way into an ever-deepening experience of the love of God through our lives.” and “ Your prayer will take countless forms because it is the echo of your life and a reflection of the inexhaustible light in which God dwells.”


Please pray that God will teach us to rejoice in all His gifts. Pray with thanks for the warmth, rest and beauty of summer. Pray for the wonder of those around us and give thanks for our community life, for the fun of the Marquee Markets and the generosity of giving of service and goods which makes them possible. Pray with thanks for the joy we find in our life together as a Church.


Please pray for all who see need in our world, both locally and further afield, and who give unstintingly of their time, energy and gifts to help to meet it. Pray for all volunteers who embody compassion and who show Christ’s love and care for everyone in so many different ways.


Please pray for those who are suffering from the Ukraine war and for all who are victims of cruelty and hatred. Pray for an end to such suffering and for peace and justice to come quickly. Pray for integrity to be restored in politics, both in our own country and elsewhere. Pray for leaders to become more honest and compassionate  and to seek to deliver justice, safety, dignity and enough for those they lead and govern.


Please pray for those we know who are sick in body or mind. Pray for the hand of God to rest on them and bring healing and peace. Pray for those on holiday, that it will be for them a time of rest and refreshment. Pray that all of us, home or not, will find in these summer days colour and love and gladness through the mercy and grace of our Lord and Saviour.

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