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Parish Church

Prayers for 19th June 2022

PRAYER LIST for week beginning  19th  June.

This week we give thanks for the life of Richard, and for all those we have loved and who have been important in our lives. Here are some words to reflect on in our prayers; “God’s love and power extend our all creation. Every life, including our own, is precious to God. Christians have always believed that there is hope in death as in life, and that there is new life in Christ after death.”


 Please pray for our Church and community here, giving thanks for the ministry of Richard whilst he was among us. Give thanks for all that we have learned from him and for all the kindness and generosity that he showed us and for the great beacon of faith in Christ which shone forth through him to all around him. Pray with thanks for all from whom we have learned matters of faith, and for the ongoing mission of Christ’s church everywhere.


Please pray those who are mourning, and especially for Sabine and her family. Pray that Our Lord will comfort the hearts of all who are bereaved and confirm them and all of us in our hopes of heaven. Pray for the sick and for those in anxiety, that healing and reassurance will be theirs.


Please continue to pray for peace and hope to increase in the world. Pray especially for the victims of the war in the Ukraine. Pray that God will move the hearts of those who seek to abuse others and turn them from hate and violence to repentance and reparation. Pray for all agencies and all people who are taking risks in the service of peace and goodness towards others. Pray that we will be inspired to do and to give all we can from our bounty.


Please pray that Our lord will help us to be gentle, both with ourselves and with others. Pray for the ability to be respectful, courteous and considerate and for the grace to be to one another as Christ would have us be.


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