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Parish Church

Prayers for 15th May

                          PRAYER LIST for week beginning 15th May

This week we think of our neighbours and Christ’s call to love one another. “Loving God, may my life show your love, make me penitent, generous and sensitive. Fill me with longing to share the good news of your redeeming love for all of us. May Jesus be known through all I do and am and His kingdom established amongst us here.”


 Please pray for hearts to love one another as Christ commands. Pray that our Church will be a place where all are welcomed and respected. Pray that it will be a place of nurture where the gifts and talents of all can flourish. Pray that through the Holy Spirit we will so live together that our Lord is made known in this community.


Please pray for the work of Christian Aid this week. Pray for generous giving to relieve the wretched poverty and life-threatening conditions in which so many have to live. Pray for those suffering from the effects of climate change which brings drought and hunger in many places. Pray for the victims of war and terrorism. Pray especially for the continuing conflict in Ukraine and for those whose lives and homes have been destroyed. Pray for a miracle of peace and a transformation of the heart of President Putin.


Please pray for all the refugees arriving slowly amongst us, that they will find welcome, help and relief from their traumas. Pray for all who are offering help to them and pray that we will continue to see the need for ongoing generosity from the bounty that surrounds us.


Please continue to pray for those are sick or suffering, especially for Richard and his family and for any known to us. Pray for all the plans forming for the Platinum Jubilee and for the health and strength of our Queen. Pray that God’s comfort will strengthen her and all who are in need will find Him in their troubles.

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