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October report

Our President, Sarah Pennington, welcomed us to the October Meeting which was well attended. She was particularly pleased to welcome two guests for the evening. After the business of the evening had been concluded Sarah introduced our speaker, Gerald Ponting.

Gerald is well known to us and on this occasion his talk was entitled “Flowers of Reserves and Roadside”.  As always this was illustrated throughout with beautiful photographs some of which had won prizes.

Gerald lives locally and we were surprised to learn that from 2018-2019 he had photographed over one hundred and thirty -five different species in our area.

Apart from showing us pictures of many beautiful flowers he gave details of their habitats all of which could be found locally. He drew attention to chalk downland areas which often had the best displays.

When he gave details of the local areas where he had taken some of his photographs we were surprised at the diversity of plants in the area of the “Winchester South Park and Ride”.

Gerald then explained how some plants had been used since early times. Many of these had been thought to effect cures although in most cases there was no evidence for this. He also gave examples of references to plants in literature quoting in particular from Shakespeare and Coleridge.

Frances expressed our appreciation to Gerald for the information he had given us but in particular for the wonderful photographs he had used to illustrate his talk. It had been a real treat.

Sarah then reminded everyone that our speaker on the 10th November would be Mike Reynolds who would entertain us with a talk entitled “Two Immigrants”. This would cover the contribution each had made to our national life and there would be a full reveal on the night.

Do come as I can, of course, thoroughly recommend this speaker!


Eileen Reynolds


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