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Parish Church

Prayers for week starting 17th October

PRAYER LIST for week beginning 17th October.

This week we reflect on God’s kingdom as shown us by Christ , His High priest and very self. “The Christian faith is about change. It involves a complete reorientation of life, because to find myself as God intended I must first lose myself. This transformation God brings is not about becoming someone else; It is about becoming myself”(Stephen Cottrell)


Please pray that the Holy Spirit will fill our hearts with a love for others that is free of pride, ambition and selfishness. Pray that we may be enabled to follow the selfless example of Jesus in giving of ourselves in service. Pray that we may progress on our personal journeys of discipleship.


Please pray for peace, as people of many faiths have been doing this week. Pray for the places and people who have almost never known peace from conflicts, terrorism or hunger. Pray that God will show us how to give help as effectively as we can and that He will focus the minds and hearts of world leaders. Pray that we will be peacemakers in our homes and our community. Pray for His help in making the kingdom of heaven a reality here.


Please pray for the forthcoming Climate meeting in Glasgow. Pray for thoughtful discussions and unselfish decisions and an awareness of the urgency of caring for the earth properly. Pray that God’s spirit will be there in power.

Pray with thankfulness for the blessings we enjoy by living here. Pray for God’s help to look outwards and to inspire us to take all the actions we can in response to the need to cherish creation. “O Lord, how manifold are your works! In wisdom you have made them all”

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