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Parish Church

Prayers for week 19th Sept 2021

PRAYER LIST for week beginning  12th  September

This week we are asked to consider two difficult but linked questions; Jesus asks “Who do you say that I am?” and James asks  how do we control our tongue? We all know how easy it is to let a critical word slip out. “We need not our own power but God’s grace and wisdom”.


Please pray for that grace and wisdom to dwell in us all as we seek to live out our faith in this place. Pray for harmony amongst us and courtesy and humility as we deal with one another in our daily lives. Pray for more ability to exercise self-control over our words and a greater readiness to see Christ in each other.


Please pray for all the events here which bring people together for good. Pray for the successful use of our village hall after it’s reopening, for our Working Men’s club and for all the many clubs and groups which are beginning activities again after so long. Pray for joy in that and for appropriate safety and reassurance after the pandemic.


Please pray especially for schools and colleges and for all the staff and students as they embark on their autumn programmes. Pray for all who are awaiting hospital treatment, delayed for a long time. Pray for the NHS as the new vaccination season begins. Pray for health and strength to return to our society with a new awareness of our vulnerability and greater concern for the general good rather than individual success.


Please pray for our government, facing huge challenges and difficulties as the cost of the pandemic becomes evident. Pray for constructive criticism and for cooperative working rather than point scoring. Pray that more and more the power of Christ will be at work in our land and will transform our society.

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