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Parish Church

Prayers for week beginning 18th July

PRAYER LIST for week beginning  18th  July.


This week we reflect on the impossibility of confining God to one place and of the overpowering need to be with Him when Christ is made known. “The church is never a place but always a people; never a sacred building but always a believing assembly. The church of Jesus Christ is a new communion. We are the Church. We are the people of God”.


Please pray that all who come to our Church will be enabled to find or renew their relationship with Christ. Pray that as a congregation we will be outward looking and that through our fellowship we will share our faith with those we love and live amongst. Pray for all the events and activities in which we will be engaged this week, that they will be occasions of joyful sharing with others and channels of peace and grace for all.


Please pray for those in this world who are much less fortunate than us; for those living under unstable and unjust governments; for areas of drought and famine; for countries with a shortage of covid vaccine. Pray for all for whom life seems a relentless struggle and who barely have the necessities of life. Pray that we who have so much and so many material luxuries will be aware of that and do all we can for our neighbours.


Please pray for the gift of a time of rest as holidays approach. Pray with thanks that Our Lord understands that need in us and commends it. Pray for the travel and tourism industries, much beset by the pandemic. Pray for all who work in hospitality and whose services bring refreshment and happiness to others. Pray for those who cannot take a holiday and for all who are sick, lonely or recently bereaved. Pray that Christ will be with them and that they will know His love for them.

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