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Parish Church

Prayer list for 6th June 2021

                          PRAYER LIST for week beginning  6th June


This week we wrestle with hard choices and discord. “Christ our King calls us to a life of discipleship, of letting go of our self-centred way of life, in order to align ourselves with Him and the agenda of the kingdom of God, so that we may allow ourselves to be transformed by the power of His Spirit so that we in turn may be transformative.”


Please pray that God will guide and inspire us to put aside our differences as we seek to serve Him. Pray that we will be  gentle with our families and friends, especially those who do not share our faith. Pray for kindness, consideration and respect to be the hallmarks of all our dealings with those around us. Pray for unity and wisdom in our PCC meeting this week.


Please pray for  our diocese at this time, for a way forward through divisions, for a just and caring solution to problems. Pray especially for Bishop Debbie as she holds the reins and bears heavy responsibilities. Pray for similar grace to abound amongst those who govern and make decisions affecting the lives of many. Pray for a continuing retreat of the covid virus and a safe return to treater normality.


Please pray for all suffering from any kind of pain or illness. Pray that they will be given courage and strength to face their trials. Pray for Richard who will undergo surgery this week. Pray for those who care for the sick, that they will be given the skills they need and hearts full of compassion.

Please pray for a joyful celebration of the beauty of gardens today and for a strengthening of our community as we work together for our Village Hall and our Churches. Pray with thanks that  the glory of nature  and the daily miracles of growth help us to see God’s hand in the world and ask that we will enjoy it to the full as He intends.

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