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May report

Members of King’s Somborne W.I. met on Wednesday 10th. May for the AGM (by Zoom.) with our President  Sarah Pennington in the Chair. Sarah first welcomed Alison Woolford our W.I. Advisor and then started a short business meeting prior to the AGM.

Linda Aucock, our Secretary,  opened with her report. All W.I.s had been affected by the Covid pandemic which, in our case, had resulted  first in a  temporary closure, then after  three open meetings in Autumn 2020, it became necessary  to have our meetings by Zoom. Unfortunately some members have been unable to join these meetings, but most have now overcome the technology and regularly attend the monthly meetings and coffee mornings.

Our Treasurer, Tina Pepper, reported that this had been a very quiet year but that  the W.I. has been left with an adequate balance despite the lack of fund raising activities.

The AGM closed with our President speaking of the difficulties everyone has experienced over the last 18 months and how pleased she was to see how  members had worked together to offer help and support to each other and to the Village Community, demonstrating the continuing  values which we have of “friendship and loyalty”. Sarah then reported that Hilary Carpenter,, a long standing member, was retiring from  the W.I. committee and  thanked her for all her hard work over the years. There were no new nominations, so the present committee agreed to serve for another year.

Alison Woolford then led the discussion of the 2021 Hampshire  W.I.s resolution “To increase the awareness of the early signs of Ovarian Cancer“. First we watched a video in which these signs were highlighted:

  • A lack of appetite or quickly feeling full.

  • Bloatedness

  • Pelvic or abdominal pain

  • Increased frequency to  urinate

Alison  reported that about 4000 women died annually of Ovarian Cancer but if the cancer was diagnosed early (Stage 1) and treated  they had a 90% 5 year survival rate. However the lack of awareness of the symptoms is illustrated by the fact that currently only 15% of the cases are diagnosed at Stage 1. Members voted unanimously to support the motion and to try to bring it to the attention of their relatives and friends.

Weather permitting our next meeting will be a ”Cake and Fizz Evening” get together” on 9th June in Tina Pepper’s garden, ‘Hilmans’ Old Palace Farm. starting at 7pm. and Eileen Reynolds has also arranged for the June coffee morning to take place in her garden ‘The Leasow’ Old Palace Farm, at 10 30am on 27th June.


Nola Mackintosh


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