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Parish Church

Prayers for week beginning 25th April

PRAYER LIST for week beginning  25th April


 This week we reflect on Christ’s call to live in trust and with courage. Nouwen says “Jesus sends us out to be shepherds, and He promises a life in which we have to stretch out our hands and be led to places where we would rather not go. He asks His church to be a place in which we critically discern where God is leading us.”

Please pray that we may share something of the compassion of the Good Shepherd and make our community a place of wisdom, understanding, listening ears and caring hearts. Pray that we will find ways to follow, joyfully and trustfully, in His way of love. Pray, especially this week, for the pastoral ministry of our Church here and everywhere.

 Please pray for our Annual Church Meeting and especially for those who take up or continue with roles of trust within our Church. Pray for a desire to serve and for patience with one another. Pray for the ability to discern the way forward for us as we begin to come out of the pandemic. Pray that in all our business and busyness we may seek and find the presence of the Good Shepherd and find in Him comfort, strength and hope.

Please pray for Richard as he undergoes further tests this week and the prospect of surgery, with its attendant risks comes closer. Pray for all who are facing times of difficulty or anxiety, whether from sickness or other causes. Pray for peace of mind, healing, strength in tiredness and despair and that those who are in special need will know the love and the closeness of the Shepherd.

Please pray for the continuing vaccination programme and for sense and confidence to return to society. Pray that impatience will be curbed so that we can meet and share with one another safely. Pray that Christ will help us to live together well and to be witnesses to His amazing love.

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