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Parish Church

Prayers for week beginning 28th March

PRAYER LIST for week beginning  28th  March.

Palm Sunday and the return to our Church building! This is a time to rejoice but also to remember the passion and death of Jesus. “I am distracted by many things but, Lord, turn my eyes to the One who comes in your name and who opens the gates of righteousness for me.”

Please pray for our Church and for all who serve it. Pray that we will be, and go on becoming, a people seeking to praise our Lord and willing to walk in the way of His suffering so that we share in His resurrection. Pray for all our services this week, for those leading them and for those coming to them. Pray as well for those prevented from coming by illness, fear or any other cause.

 Please pray for our government as the next stage of unlocking us from the pandemic begins. Pray for the continued success of the vaccine rollout and for peaceful, just solutions to its distribution. Pray for hope and healing for everyone and for mutual care and responsibility, for us here and across the world. Pray that this Eastertide, eyes will be opened to see God’s glory and love for all His creation.

Please pray for our families and for our friends. We long to be with them and to share this season with them in our homes. Pray for continued patience for all and for sensible behaviour which gives security and hope for the future to everyone. Pray that, whether together or apart, we will be caring of each other and that our homes will be places filled with the spirit of Christ’s love.

Please pray for those mourning the loss of a loved one this Easter. Pray for blessings and comfort for them. Pray that our Church, in the building and outside it will be a company of people walking with Christ in the way of His passion and finding salvation in the victory of His cross.

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