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Parish Church

Prayers for week beginning 28th Feb 2021

PRAYER LIST for week beginning 28th  February.


This week we hear the call of Christ to costly discipleship and a reassurance of God’s faithfulness. Here are some words from Michel Quoist. “Don’t make your prayer life depend on the whims of the moment; make it a regular daily practice. God is always present, always loving, and He is waiting for you.”

Please pray that we may have a new assurance of God’s presence with us and that we might be faithful, ready to believe His promises and to follow where he leads us. Pray that we will have humility and accept that all our gifts come from Him to be used in cheerful service of others.

 Please pray for the success of the Government’s  plans to overcome the effects of the pandemic. Pray for schools planning to reopen and for patience as we wait to be able to meet family and friends again. Continue to pray for our health workers, cares and all involved in looking after the vulnerable. Pray for further reductions in deaths and new infections. Pray for all who are sick and especially for those waiting for operations and treatment.

Please pray for our Christian community in this place. Pray for God’s  guidance in our worship and for wisdom as we plan for the future, for reopening buildings and for community events. Pray for the Women’s World day of Prayer this week and for Christian women everywhere. Pray for the homes and families they nurture and the difficult lives lived by so many of them.

A prayer of blessing.

May we know the faithfulness of God in our lives, may we live with the assurance we are children of God and know ourselves to be loved. May we be faithful even amidst temptation.

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