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Parish Church

Prayers for week beginning 21st Feb 21

PRAYER LIST for week beginning 21st  February.


At the beginning of Lent, here are three sentences to consider in prayer. “If possible, Lent needs to feel different without feeling miserable”. “When we fast we re-focus lives on what is essential, and we come back with a deeper appreciation of the gifts that God has provided”. “If we really want to pray we must first learn to listen, for in the silence of the heart God speaks”.

Please pray that in our own temptations we will be given the strength that we need. Pray that we will be enabled to choose faithfulness rather than popularity, service rather than fame and sacrifice rather than power. Pray that all of us here will grow in faith and receive a fresh vision to serve Our Lord in this place.

Please pray for our Lent course, beginning this week, and for our Methodist friends joining with us in that. Pray for Christians everywhere seeking to develop their discipleship and service in the name of Christ. Pray for our friends and neighbours that they will find a path to faith.

Please pray for our Government, looking for a way to lead us all safely out of the restrictions of the pandemic. Pray for schools returning to full capacity and for teachers who have been working in new ways throughout. Pray for their health and strength. Pray for our health workers, for the continuing programme of vaccinations and for all who are weary in the service of others.

Please pray for the sick, those not able to live a full life and those longing for comfort. Pray that we will be able to offer support and encouragement to those in need and that we will be especially sensitive to the grieving and the lonely. Pray that we will be aware of all who have little when we have so much.

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