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January report

Sarah, our President, was able to welcome seventeen members to our first meeting of the New Year, on 13th January.  This was very encouraging as more and more of our members were able to join us on Zoom.  It was lovely to see each other and to have a chance to wish each other a happy 2021.

Sarah then welcomed our guest speaker for the evening, Toni Kent. Her presentation was entitled “I Need A Wife”. Toni entertained us with poems she had written with subjects as diverse as the difficulty of getting tights to fit, recycling bins and riding on a tandem.  These were interspersed with anecdotal tales based on life in the village where she lived.  I must say it did not sound anything like our village!

She finished by explaining why she needed a wife – to do all the mundane jobs in the house she never gets round to and driving her children to their various activities.  I am sure we have all felt like that from time to time.

After Sarah had thanked Toni we discussed the resolutions and had a good chat before the meeting finished.

Eileen Reynolds


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