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Parish Church

Letter from the Churchwardens Jan 2021

Dear Friends

It is with sadness that we have to tell you that for the next few weeks with immediate effect we shall not be holding services in Church. Although this is sad it is also and mainly to keep us all as safe as possible from Coronavirus. The decision that we made this afternoon was to balance the religious needs with the health needs of us all.

This decision however does not mean that we can't worship because, as in the previous lockdown, we shall not only hold our services by Zoom but will also send the service sheets by email or deliver them  to you. If you are unable to print the service sheets, which you will need in order to follow the service, do let either Joan or me know and we'll print them off for you. We are hoping that the priests who had volunteered to take our services over the next few weeks will agree to lead and preach at our Zoom services. Details of the Zoom link will be sent to you as soon as possible. If you prefer not to be seen while using Zoom you can of course cut out the video.

We realise that many of you will be disappointed that the church is closing but this situation will be reviewed regularly and we shall make changes as and when it is appropriate.

By closing the church there will not be an opportunity for you to place money on the collection plate but should you wish to make a donation this can be done by writing a cheque made out to 'Parish of Somborne with Ashley' and sending this to either Joan or Janet – details below.

We pray that everyone remains healthy and we look forward to welcoming you back in church again in the not too distant future.

With very best wishes

Joan and Janet

Details for donations:

Joan Appleyard, Vine Cottage, Old Vicarage Lane, KS 388224

Janet Ingleson, Hayes Barn, Romsey Road, KS 388618

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