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November report

Our meeting on 11th November was our second meeting on Zoom and now many of us are old hands at getting connected.  There were still one or two minor hitches, however, before our President, Sarah, could welcome us all to the meeting.  She was particularly pleased to be able to give a warm welcome to Barbara and Margaret Heffer, our guests for the evening. It was lovely to see everyone again and in particular Avis who is now making a good recovery.

There had been a change to the published programme and Tom Way, a wildlife photographer, was welcomed for the evening.  Tom’s work is mostly based in Africa but on this occasion he shared with us wonderful photographs he had taken of animals and birds nearer to home.

He started by showing us some stunning images of birds.  He gave details of how he had to lure birds to certain spots to be photographed and the lengths he had to go to get just the right image including spending days in a cold river to photograph a kingfisher. The results were quite magical.  He also showed us amazing photographs of various hawks and owls mostly taken at dusk to get the right atmosphere.

He then went on to provide wonderful images of deer, the stags being immediately recognised by their silhouettes.  Many of these were taken at half light to increase the sense of drama.  Some photographs, especially of animals like foxes, were more appropriate than others, depending on the way they were to be used by a publication.

He drew attention to the decline in hedgehogs due mainly to busy roads and garden management.

Working in snowy conditions presented particular difficulties as the animals were so well camouflaged and he illustrated this with images of mountain hares.

Tom concluded by saying that, however well prepared and patient you were, the very best images were often the result of luck.  I think we all thought he must have been very lucky!

Sarah thanked Tom for his presentation which we had all appreciated.

Linda reported that copies of the Newsletter were being circulated along with details of the new Resolutions. Beryl K. offered to investigate the possibility of preparing a quiz for our next meeting.  We all thought this was a good idea and Sarah thanked Beryl. After sharing all our news Sarah closed the meeting.

Eileen Reynolds


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