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March report

The meeting on Wednesday, 11th March was chaired by our President, Sarah Pennington, who welcomed two new members and was pleased to report that Kath Schwabe was back home and making good progress.

It was hoped to continue weekly walks every Monday, starting at 9.15am from outside the Church.  A W.I. Produce Meeting, with a talk on Community Shops, is to be held at Awbridge Village Hall at 7.30pm on 23rd March.  Mottisfont and Dunbridge W.I. invited visitors to their meeting on 14th April, when there will be an entertainment by the Romsey Ukulele Group.  There is to be a Group Meeting at Lockerley W.I. at 2.00pm on Tuesday, 28th April.  The speaker will be May Martin and transport will be arranged.  All the foregoing will, of course, be subject to confirmation.

Eileen Humphries agreed to be our organiser for the Grand Raffle.  Tickets cost £1 and the First Prize will be £10,000.  The W.I. Extra will be a trip to see the film “Yesterday” at the Stockbridge Community Cinema at 4.30pm on 18th March.  The Church Summer Fair is scheduled for 31st May and volunteers are required to run the W.I. Gift Stall.  These dates are again subject to confirmation.

Our speaker on the subject of “Mistresses and their influence on our history” was Mrs. Madeleine Salvetti.  Mistresses have always been in the news, starting with those of royalty, whose wives they sometimes became (Henry VIII), and Charles II, who was the first to take a mistress from the common people (Nell Gwynne).  Edward VIII caused a political and popular furore when he abdicated to marry his American mistress, who was (at that time) a scandalously double divorcee.   Politicians such as John Profumo and heads of state such as General Eisenhower and Bill Clinton have also hit the headlines for the same reasons and the world of show business has provided rich pickings for the popular press.  However, apart from their varying effect on history, famous mistresses have also provided a wealth of portraits of beautiful women by famous artists (of which those of Nelson’s mistress, Emma Hamilton, are particularly well-known).

Sarah Pennington thanked Mrs. Salvetti for an enjoyable and interesting talk.

Subject to ongoing health considerations, our next meeting will be on Wednesday, 8th April, at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, when Mrs. Helen Carter has agreed to talk to us on the subject of “Basic First Aid and Defibrillation”.

Beryl Fahy


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