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June report

 The meeting was chaired by our President, Sarah Pennington, who introduced our speaker, Mr. Graham Birchmore.

Mr. Birchmore had talked to us in 2018 on the subject of Graphology and had chosen as his subject this time “Astrology: Does it work and, if so, How?”.

He explained that the astrological predictions found in newspapers are a reductive travesty of true astrological interpretation, which is an immensely complex study involving a great number of variables, which he himself had taken more than 20 years to master.

He explained the influence of the various planetary bodies, which are affected by many other factors in a system which has been developed over many centuries and which astrologers believe enables them to predict accurately the character and likely destiny of individuals born under specific astral combinations.

He exemplified this with a remarkably prescient reading of Her Majesty the Queen's astral chart, which is characterised by a calm and stable personality and a strong sense of duty.

Tina Pepper thanked Mr. Birchmore for an interesting and thought-provoking talk.

After tea, the meeting moved on to W.I. business. Eileen Reynolds was welcomed to the Committee and the Treasurer reported that a donation of £500 from the recent Clay Pigeon Shoot had resulted in a healthy bank balance, Eileen Humphreys had tickets for sale for the national W.I. Raffle and Sue Ricketts would report at the July meeting on the Resolutions chosen by the A.G.M. The W.I. stall at the Village Fete had made £125 and, in spite of the uncertain weather, the Fete had made £1,186 overall.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, 10 July, at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall, when Emma Wightman will talk about her work as a “Humanitarian Osteopath”. All are welcome.

Beryl Fahy

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