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May report

We were welcomed by our President, Sarah Pennington, to our A.G.M which was held on Wednesday 8th May in the Village Hall.

After our usual business and a glass of wine, we received reports from our Officers starting with the Treasurer, Tina Pepper, who presented the Accounts and was able to report another healthy year with an adequate balance, receipts from fundraising and donations adding to the total.

Linda Aucock, our Secretary, then reported that this had been a truly memorable year as our Branch had commemorated its hundredth birthday. This occasion had been celebrated in some style with a delicious tea to which other local W.I.s had been invited.  Everyone had worked hard and the Village Hall looked very festive for the occasion with balloons, flowers, bunting borrowed from County, a rolling record of the Village, an exhibition depicting the contribution of the Institute to village life during the period and a new wall hanging made by Barbara Barnes to commemorate the occasion.  This is now hanging in the Hall. Following an excellent tea, we had memorable musical entertainment reflecting the last one hundred years provided by Bill Martin and Sophie Ainsley.  We then toasted the Branch and in true W.I style sang Jerusalem.

During the year we had enjoyed many other activities including monthly walks,  a variety of talks, and some “W.I Extras” including a trip to Fursey Gardens and to the Charity Emmaus.  We had also helped at many village events and will continue to do so during the coming year. Linda concluded by thanking everyone and in particular our President, Sarah Pennington, for all their hard work.

Sarah started her report by thanking everyone for re-electing her for a second term and for the support she had received from the committee and membership.  She also said that she had particularly enjoyed the centenary celebrations which had taken place on her birthday!  She thanked all members for their contributions on making these so special.

Sarah then summed up the ethos of our branch as “friendship and loyalty” as everyone looks out for each other and attends meetings on a regular basis.  Although much of what we do remains the same, she hopes we will always be open to change and new ideas and welcomes input from all members.

Sarah and the Committee were then re-elected to serve for another year.

Also at the meeting we discussed the two resolutions – “A call against the decline in local bus services” and “Don’t fear the smear”.  The case for these was made by Janet Ingleson and Sarah Pennington respectively and both were supported by the membership.

 The next meeting will take place on 12th June when there will be a talk on ”Astrology, does it work, if so how?”  All will be welcome.

 Eileen Reynolds 

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