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April report

On Wednesday 10th April the meeting was chaired by our President, Sarah Pennington, who reported that the Coffee morning on 6 April had been very successful and contributions had been made to W.I. and Village Hall funds. Four members had attended the Spring Council Meeting in Portsmouth, which had included a very enjoyable talk by Pam Ayres.

Our speaker was Anna Powell, who has worked as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist since 1992. She gave us a brief run-down on the history of hypnotherapy. Although trance states and their effects had been known since the Middle Ages, and even earlier, it was not until Anton Mesmer in the 18th Century had popularised what he termed “animal magnetism” (with a generous helping of theatricality), which was later given respectability by Freud himself, that it came to be realised that hypnosis could be a useful tool in the treatment of anxiety and depression and other psychological illnesses. In modern times it has become understood that its value lies in the ability to relax a patients “ fight-or-flight” reaction, so that the quietened mind is better able to deal with the understanding and resolution of psychological problems and even the perception of pain. Thus, cognitive behavioural works with hypnotherapy to enable relaxation and positive thinking and help the mind heal itself.

Sarah Pennington thanked Anna for and informative and encouraging exposition of what had originally seemed a rather daunting subject.

Our next meeting will be for members only, as we will discuss the Resolutions for the forthcoming W.I. Annual General meeting which will be held on 8th May in the Village Hall

                                                                                                Beryl Fahy

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