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Parish Council

Neighbourhood Development Plan Update

Kings Somborne Parish Council

Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Update

Following an extensive two-year programme of activity which has involved 18 public meetings/workshops, 41 public meetings of the NDP Steering Group, monthly updates in both the Parish Council Meetings and The Gauntlet during the Period as well as leaflet drops, it is with great pleasure that we can announce that the pre-submission version of the NDP is in the process of final editing. It should be available for public consultation this month. There is a prescribed 6-week period where members of the public and other interested parties can review the Plan and make comments/provide feedback which will then be taken on board before submitting the final Plan to Test Valley Borough Council.

The proposed Plan, which has been entirely driven by your views, relevant legislation and guided by both the National Planning Policy Framework and the polices within Test Valley Borough Council’s Local Plan is supported by analysis of data provided by a number of bodies as well as commissioned work. In addition, we have also benefited from the advice and guidance from Test Valley Borough Council as one of the “Pathfinder” Parish Councils undertaking a Neighbourhood Development Plan. This work has been undertaken tirelessly and with great commitment from volunteers within the community.

 We hope to announce in more detail the consultation process at the Parish Council Annual Assembly on the 10th May, but it will be made available on-line, where comments/feedback can be left, as well as printed copies which will also be available in public places within the Parish as well as with the Parish Clerk who will accept written comment/feedback. Individual organisations within the Parish will be communicated with directly and of course all of the public notice boards will provide the detail as soon as it is available.


King’s Somborne Parish Council

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