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March report

The meeting, held on Wednesday, 14 March, which was chaired by our President, Sarah Pennington, was well attended.

Walks had continued when weather permitted and it was planned that a photograph of the walkers at their assembly point outside the Church would be put on the website.   Meetings of the Book Club have been suspended for the time being.  Our President suggested an activity, which might be called “WI Extra”, which could consist of activities such as cinema visits.  A visit to “Lost in Paris” at the Stockbridge Community Cinema was suggested as a first outing and ideas for future “treats” would be welcomed.

Our speaker was Graham Birchmore, whose subject was “Graphology:  What Handwriting Reveals”.  Graham had first been intrigued by the subject in his early teens and had researched it in his spare time at the public library.  As his interest and knowledge of it grew, it eventually formed the basis of a successful career, until computers and smartphones gradually rendered letter-writing redundant for many people.  However, the study of handwriting still has its uses even now in the assessment of job applicants and he still does work in this field.

Graham explained some of the ways in which handwriting traits can betray character – the slope and size of letters and the disposition of the written matter on the page can all bear testament to the nature of the writer.   Characteristics such as reliability, impulsiveness, etc. are apparently all there to be assessed by someone well-versed in graphology.  It was a fascinating analysis and we were all left vowing to mind our p’s and q’s, especially when we write them down!   Graham was thanked for an interesting insight into what is seemingly a vanishing art.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, 11 April, at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, when Pauline Foster of “Busy Hands” in Weybridge will demonstrate Card Making. 

Beryl Fahy

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