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Somborne Players

New Look for Players Website

If you haven't already seen it, check out the Players website at, and if you have seen it, look again - for it is now new and improved.

You'll see the site has information on who the Players are and what we do, our current projects and archive files of past meetings and productions.

There's lots of photos of people you may recognise and information on who to contact in the Players if you're interested in joining us - so go now and have a browse around.

Remember Beauty and the Beast when Chris entered from a trapdoor in the ceiling? And Pardon Me, Prime Minister where all the women disrobed? Do you know when the Players first began? Or who was in the cast of Aladdin? Perhaps you'd like to know what was discussed at the last AGM, or find out what the committee is up to at the moment. Maybe you need information on the current rehearsals of Cinderella. All these memories, documents, details and more can be found on our website.

And if anyone has any of their own photos of or writings on the Players, please do send them to as I would love to add even more to the website to make it bigger and better.

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