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The Somborne & District Society

Recently Published book on Richard Dawes

“Richard Dawes,
Education pioneer and Dean of Hereford
— Family, Friends and Legacy” 
by Norman Denison
This book tells the story of Richard Dawes’(1793-1867), his origins in the Dales of Yorkshire; his own schooling and further education, his wedding and the couple’s arrival in the village where he opened a school. The details of his wife’s early life, beginning in what is now Prince Edward Island, Canada and their subsequent  life together are included. 
Dawes’ reasons for founding  King’s Somborne School, the philosophy behind it and the national reputation which he earned as a result  are described by the late Cyril Pigott, a  former schoolmaster, and originally published just before the 150th anniversary of the School in 1992.
Because of the school’s undoubted success ( and it remains as an excellent school today—175 years on),  Dawes was selected by the Prime Minister, Lord John Russell, to become Dean of Hereford. He went on to distinguish himself  by overseeing the restoration of the  Cathedral whilst  performing his pastoral duties and continuing to give help and advice to local schools. He and his wife also enjoyed giving hospitality at the Deanery to many friends, old and new.

The book will be available from 1st Nov.2017 at the price of £6.50 +£1.50 p&p (if necessary) from

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