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Kings Somborne School

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Our village school has served the children of the parish and neighbourhood since 1842. Prior to 1949 it was, for the majority, their only school.

Under its illustrious founder, the Rev Richard Dawes, King's Somborne School rapidly gained national recognition as a centre of excellence, its enlightened and visionary curriculum being seen as a model for all such schools. Today, the school is seen as a lively, purposefull, happy and successful community serving the young people of the Sombornes in a way which its founder would undoubtly heartily approve.

In 1942 the then Vicar expressed the hope that "everyone who has been through the school themselves, or whose children are at school, and everyone who has the cause of education at heart, will show that they mean to support what the school is trying to do, by taking an interest in its Centenary".

(The above is part of the forward to "King's Somborne School, 150th Anniversary" written by Cyril Piggott, 1992).

The school continues to serve the young people of the Sombornes, after more than 165 years!

You may visit a the school's website by following this link.


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