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KSPC Newsletter

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The KSPC Newsletter is one of the communication channels of your Parish Council. It is a one-page document published 3 to 4 times a year. It is aimed at keeping you up to date with key activities that affect our community.

Your Parish Councillor delivers the Newsletter to every household shortly after publication. It is also available as a PDF document from this website. The current issue is displayed on the website's home page – so register now to receive notification promptly when the latest issue is available.

We welcome your feedback – so please do contact us using the Contacts tab above, your local Parish Councillor, or the Clerk to the Parish Council.

The KSPC Newsletter is produced, published and edited by the KSPC Comms Team, a small team of volunteer Councillors from your Parish Council supported by the Gauntlet and the Sombornes Website


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